Fabrica De Arhitectura Creatde an Eco-Friendly Community

Bucharest-based designer Daniel Nicolae Popescu with Fabrica de arhitectura created five new homes in an eco-friendly community. These modern homes are made with recycled materials that create a stylish design.

The designer created these homes with the intention of making a small space in the densely populated area that is minimalist and confined. The homes are all connected by one private road and a courtyard. Featuring an indoor swimming pool and spa area that is accessible from each home, the shared areas create a sense of community.

The design includes parts of Romanaian culture, while still integrating high-quality interior design. With large glass windows, each home is flooded with natural light, giving them an interesting visual appeal. This eco-friendly community aims to change the idea of modern living.

Image Credit: Cosmin Dragomir, Vlad Eftenie