The Eco-Wiz Pulls Usable Water from Leftovers

 - Jan 3, 2012
References: eco-wiz & earth911
Eco-Wiz is a Singapore-based startup that has designed a machine that extracts the water from food waste. Eco-Wiz was started by Renee Misson, a semi-retired marketer who decided to head back into the work world after becoming enamored with a Korean company and its food waste water extractor.

Misson bought the rights for the machine and founded Eco-Wiz soon after. The water extractor can typically pull 267 gallons of water out of 1 ton of food waste. The water is not drinkable, but can be used to do things such as water plants and clean floors. The Eco-Wiz is already in use in several Singapore hotels where it is helping cut the cost of the water bill and the garbage disposal bill. Misson recently partnered with a Thai company to improve the efficiency of the Eco-Wiz to make it suitable for use with other businesses such as food plants and laundromats.