Resourceful Replenish Packaging was Designed for Continuous Reuse

 - Mar 2, 2015
References: myreplenish & thedieline
It really should feel wasteful to discard of a spray bottle after its contents have been depleted, and this eco spray product concept presents a greener solution. Instead of trashing or recycling your plastic container after a single use, a top-up base can be swapped in to refill your home cleaner.

Since detergent tends to be made mostly of water, the designer behind the Replenish spray bottle decided to make a concentrate liquid in a compact package. This small plastic vessel can be screwed into the bottom of your reusable eco sprayer, set to mix with the H2O for an effective disinfectant. Jason Foster fit a whole three bottles worth of concentrate into the Replenish base, making it easy to use the same container for six times as long.