The Eco-Pulse Measures Wasted Energy

 - May 13, 2011
References: tuvie
Eco-Pulse is an interesting new gadget that lets you measure how much power your plugged-in gadgets are wasting. Eco-Pulse was designed by Wan Xuan Lim and Tang Xueling Jane who are attempting to make people both young and old conscious of just how much electricity they use.

Eco-Pulse looks like a high-tech stethoscope and works like an EKG machine, showing electrical output just like a heart-rate monitor. The data can be collected by pressing the "Record" button on the Eco-Pulse. Collected data can then be transferred to a computer to help you analyze how much electricity you are wasting and where you can cut corners.

I am a big proponent of unplugging unused appliances and electronics to save money and the environment, so needless to say I really like the Eco-Pulse. Check it out here and be sure to think twice before leaving that seemingly unassuming flats-screen TV plugged in.