From Hybrid Modular Desks to Sci-Fi Bean Bags

 - Jul 4, 2012
The many future-forward Mathieu Lehanneur designs will leave you reeling as you try to wrap your head around all the re-imagined creations.

Many of Lehanneur designs act as an upgrade for your everyday possessions. His creativity allows him to push simple products like a pocket watch and headphone speakers into something much more dramatic. In the watch and speaker instances, Lehanneu gives them a rubber stethoscope configuration and gold-plated exhibit model, respectively. His other creations are geared towards being high-tech or eco-friendly, morphing our world to be like 'The Jetsons,' one concept at a time. Examples of such designs include the Wi-Fi-enabled rest stop in Paris or one of the many Earth-conscious filtration systems.

Lehanneur is a designer who is willing to dip his toe in a variety of different projects, contributing to the fashion, tourism and furniture industry.