Environmentally Friendly Dance Club

 - Aug 9, 2007
References: butterflysocialclub
Our world is becoming more environmentally aware, and that includes today's young. From hybrid cars to eco-friendly fashions, the green trend is spreading like wild fire, making its way into architecture and interior design, from homes to businesses, and most recently, night clubs.

Greenhouse will be the latest edition to Manhattan's green scene. "The club will be made mostly from recycled materials and has the feeling of a glitzy nature preserve, with a huge waterfall and a ceiling covered with live plants," said a Washington Post article.

Just because it's not environmentally damaging, doesn't mean it won't be chic or luxious. Look at Chicago's Butterfly Social Club which opened in April. The building is made of clay and straw and employees use bicycles to power the DJ booth and drink machines. They also use solar panels and make things from scratch -- instead of buying canned drinks, with the added cost of cans, cardboard boxes and advertising.

I couldn't find a video to embed, but if you follow the source link, there is a great clip on the Butterfly Social Club web site.