This Echo Effects Unit Makes Use of an Old-School Floppy Disc

 - Apr 26, 2016
References: cloudshillfx & gizmag
A group of music engineers and technicians working out of Germany have developed a truly unique and peculiar analog echo effects unit that makes use of a floppy disc, of all things, to generate delay effects.

The device routes your guitar's instrument signal through an input stage, before it is replayed. The technology is set up in such a way that musicians can enjoy echos of anywhere between 0.06 seconds to 1.6 seconds, while the echo effects unit also offers a whole array of sounds ranging from more staccato, stop-start effects to atmospheric ones.

Ultimately, this oddball echo effects unit shows how even seemingly outdated pieces of computer technology like floppy discs can still be used creatively in modern musical gadgets.