This Animation Shows Tsunami Waves Caused by the Earthquake in Chile

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center, a division of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, released this spectacular real-time animation of a minor tsunami that was triggered by the recent 8.2-magnitude earthquake in Chile.

The animation shows a rippling series of waves generated off the Pacific Coasts of Chile. The tsunami-generated waves touched the Western coast of the southern United States in about 12 hours and reached the southeast Australian coast in about 18 hours. The animation shows that the height of the waves was minimal, which is why the tsunami itself didn’t wreak any major damage.

While the tsunami was deemed to be minor, the animation shows just how far-reaching the impact of the earthquake in Chile really was. Tsunami warnings were briefly issued for parts of the South and Central American Pacific coasts. Places as far as Hawaii were slapped with tsunami advisories.