Earlarm Wakes You Up Instead of Waking Up the Person Sleeping Next to You

 - Jan 25, 2014
References: dailymail & psfk
If you've ever put your partner or roommate through the pain of waking up early because of your alarm clock's constant ringing, there may now be a remedy for that called Earlarm, which is an earbud alarm clock created by Kyungi Moon. Moon has created a concept earbud that functions as an alarm clock inside your ear. Instead of waking up the person next to you, the Earlarm includes two noise canceling ear plugs fitted with speakers that connects to your bedside alarm clock through Bluetooth.

The device was inspired by wanting to cancel out the sounds of a party next door with the intent of waking up in the morning via an alarm clock.

The rechargeable earplugs can also be recharged through the wearer while he or she looks at an LCD screen on the clock.