The EADS VoltAir Plane is Completely Powered by Batteries

 - Jun 23, 2011
References: news.discovery & dvice
Since there are all-electric vehicles being developed, why not all-electric planes like the EADS VoltAir? This sleek, sustainable commuter jet will surely revolutionize air travel in the years to come. Completely powered by batteries, it could be launched into the skies as early as 2035.

Developed by European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company, the EADS VoltAir plane is a zero-emission passenger aircraft that specifically uses lithium-air batteries, which would be powered by an ultra-high density superconducting electric engine that promises to be nearly silent and super efficient.

As a lightweight craft, the EADS VoltAir commuter jet is designed to only make short trips carrying just 50 to 70 passengers. At least, that is the case for now as it is still in the concept stages.