The RMK E2 Electric Motorcycle Features Striking Design Elements

 - Jul 30, 2018
References: rmkvehicles & uncrate
RMK is a new Finnish start-up dedicated to electric vehicles and its first E2 electric motorcycle is a fairly ambitious endeavor. Designed with a minimalist aesthetic, the electric vehicle ditches the traditional chain drive for a hub-mounted electric motor. This change for the powertrain helps give the E2 electric motorcycle its distinct visual stylings.

The electric capabilities of the bike allow it to travel 200 to 300km on a single charge and be charged from completely empty in just two to three hours. The motor also features a computational peak output of 50kw, providing torque of 320nm. The speed is limited to 160km/h.

Another distinct design element of the E2 electric motorcycle lies in its non-centered rim. This feature for the wheel allows the motor to be directly integrated into the rim and connected naturally to the frame of the bike.