Dystopian Worlds by Alex Andreev is the Newest Separate Reality

 - Oct 18, 2012
References: alexandreev & thisiscolossal
Alex Andreev is a renowned painter who is most famous for his Separate Reality art series which focuses on ordinary objects in an alternative perspective; the Dystopian Worlds collection is the newest feature to Andreev's Separate Reality series. In the Dystopian Worlds painting collection, each piece of artwork features a form of transportation in a disconcerting alternative world including a steamboat paddling on an open green landscape, a sailboat floating through the rocky skies of space and blimps rummaging through the night skies of a terrifyingly destroyed San Francisco.

These digital paintings pay homage to Soviet-era literature, music and movies. Andreev is from St. Petersburg, Russia and produces all artwork from his computer using Adobe Photoshop and Corel Paint programs.