The New Dyson Lamps are Designed to Last a Lifetime

 - Jul 14, 2016
Jake Dyson Lighting created new LED Dyson lamps that can last over 40 years. The subsidiary of Dyson has two models, a floor and desk lamp called the CSYS and an overhead lamp called the Cu-Beam. Both lamps only use LED lights which can last an incredibly long time as long as they don't overheat.

The longevity of the lamps is a result of their design. They feature heat pumps that channel warmth away from the LEDs which keeps them cool and protects them from heat damage. Without heat-related damage, these LED lamps can last over 40 years at full brightness. Lamps that utilize LED lights -- like the Dyson Lamps -- are environmentally-friendly because they don't require disposable light bulbs.