The Dynamic Monochrome Series by Jan Maarten Voskuil is Colorful

The Dynamic Monochrome series is deceptively simple. What at first looks to be big sheets of folded construction paper is actually much more complex. They are stunning artworks painted on custom canvases, which gives each one a sculptural aesthetic.

Created by Jan Maarten Voskuil, an artist based in Haarlem, the Netherlands, the Dynamic Monochrome series was exhibited at the Art Sensus gallery in London, England. Comprised of four paintings, each one has been given a mesmerizing dimensional aesthetic. The Dutch painter has expertly provided the illusion of dimples and creases, which give them a visually striking dimensional appeal.

Each piece in the Dynamic Monochrome series is a different color: green, white, yellow and red. The bright hues capture people's attention even more than the geometrical properties.