Dutch Artist Rachel De Joode Explores Ideas of Death and Time

 - Sep 18, 2012
References: racheldejoode & neatorama
Dutch artist Rachel De Joode doesn't just warp and disfigure ordinary objects to encourage people to look at their everyday surroundings in a new light. Instead, her work has deeper meaning than opening people's eyes to the mundane, although that is a natural extension of her sculptures. An artist of the times, her bizarre creations focus on themes of technology, isolation and highly saturated levels of information exchange.

Based in Berlin, Germany, Dutch artist Rachel De Joode has created four new works since 2011. One of the most interesting pieces is titled 'Life is Very Long.' It revolves around tennis gravel, styrofoam and 60 frozen Dr. Oetker pizzas. Exploring life, death and time, De Joode writes, "Frozen pizzas are fascinating to me, because of their form [...], their simple color palette and their ubiquity. That the life of the pizza is extended by freezing is miraculous and bewildering."