The Tenba Solstice is Built with Travelers and Photographers in Mind

 - Mar 9, 2018
References: tenba & digitaltrends
If one is on the hunt for a spacious, versatile and durable camera bag, one does not need to look further than the Tenba Solstice -- a product of three different volumes (12L, 20L and 24L) that "combines aspects of both a standard backpack and a single-strap sling bag." The thoughtful design of the rucksack ensures that gear is protected from unfortunate weather conditions, easily accessible and theft-proof with a strategically-placed back panel-accessible main compartment.

The nylon material is guaranteed to be water-resistant and rip-proof for the most part. Additionally, the durable camera bag eases the weight of the photographic gear by evenly distributing it with harness-style straps that transfer some of the heaviness to the hips.

Photo Credits: Hillary Grigonis