Dupli Casa Blends Past and Future

 - Oct 10, 2008
References: jmayerh.de & archinect
Most contemporary modern architects raze any traces of old infrastructure when creating a new home design; J. Mayer H. let the original building's footprint inspire him when he designed Dupli Casa.

Dupli Casa is located near Ludwigsburg, Germany. The home that previously occupied the property was built in 1984 and featured a number of room additions. J. Mayer H. worked the building's layout to his advantage, designing a sprawling modern masterpiece that pays homage to the original house while redefining the space completely.

The exterior of Dupli Casa looks like one seamless form, and its interior is similarly sleek. J. Mayer H. worked with Georg Schmidthals, Thorsten Blatter, Uli Wiesler, and Simon Takasak on the impressive design, which was completed in 2008.