The Duna Duna Tee Casts Bowser as the Infamous Threat to the Oceans

 - Jul 27, 2011
References: threadless & threadless
I love the name of this t-shirt, the Duna Duna. If you're curious as to why it was named that way, just think of the theme song to Jaws and you'll surely understand. The Duna Duna is a t-shirt featuring the Super Mario characters Bowser and Princess Peach in a parody of the iconic movie poster for the greatest shark movie to have ever existed.

The t-shirt's creator, vomitinc, has great taste in movies as well as video games.

Implications - Consumers enjoy pop culture products because they feel validated when they know the references being alluded to. Companies can use a similar tactic and incorporate references into their products in order to further entice consumers into buying their wares.