Dumbbells by Sumikawa Design Emphasize the Potential Beauty of Form

 - Jan 14, 2013
References: takenakadouki.co.jp & red-dot.de
Free weights are familiar objects but one could rarely call them visually attractive. Quite on the contrary, these Dumbbells by Sumikawa Design embody an elegance that you'll only find in the fittest female at the gym.

Yes, it is possible to make such a simple utilitarian item look beautiful and, in fact, it's the more uncomplicated objects that offer the most potential in this regard. All that one requires from such exercise equipment is a specified weight and a way to hold onto it.

To be manufactured of sleek and lustrous material by Takenaka Metal Works, these arm-strengthening items take asymmetrical sculptural shapes. Crucially, the Dumbbells by Sumikawa Design can be balanced perfectly when held in their narrow middles, offering the very best in function and form.