Express Yourself in Every Way With the 'Dude' Application

 - Sep 24, 2009
References: apple & intomobile
Perhaps the creators of the latest ‘Dude’ Application were watching "Dude, Where’s My Car?' when they created it. Or perhaps the Dude application really is going to fulfill a market need for dudes (or societal need by replacing the f-word). Whatever the case, the Dude application is here and it will probably drive everybody, even dudes, crazy.

Created by AZOMOB, the Dude app basically allows you to express yourself in every way possible by adding the word ‘dude’ to your remark, statement, or question. To illustrate, it uses stick figures acting out funny "dudisms" in different voice inflections for different scenarios- for instance, if you’re a dude and another dude sits a little too close to you.