From Menswear Style Reviews to Dual Identity Interviews

 - Dec 6, 2012
These Net-A-Porter campaigns indicate the brand's lesser known creative and editorial sites. The e-commerce site has been a go-to for up-to-date couture clothing with its high end bags, accessories and seasonal apparel. It has at the same time put itself forth as a literary and artistic leader.

Menswear style reviews and dual identity interviews are frequently paired with Net-A-Porter's fashion-specific posts. The lines of luxury apparel are more often than not matched with daring dialogue, seen in interviews with celebrities like Chace Crawford, Amir Khan and Karl Lagerfeld.

Its promises of the utmost customer care also add a sense of accountability to an industry that is largely faceless, a result of the web-based purchases. These in-depth features are quite personalizing however, allowing shoppers to comprehend what's most important to the company.