'Dualview' by Microsoft Research Allows Shared Viewing on One Screen

 - May 9, 2012
References: research.microsoft & designboom
'Dualview' by Microsoft Research creates a design to make one screen simultaneously show two different viewings at once.

Like holograms, a LCD screen portrays two ongoing videos or images that play at the same time and is only achieved by viewing from different angles. There's no advanced technology but rather exploiting the technical development of 'twisted nematic' LCD screens with color variations. It's like watching a movie from a laptop with the need to fiddle with the screen to achieve a desired view.

This project attempts to have two people focusing on different things -- whether it's watching a movie, looking at pictures or playing games. In order for this to work, two subjects must sit at different angles. So if there's a little problem with sharing in the household, the Dualview by Microsoft Research will solve it.

Photo Credits: designboom, research.microsoft