Dual Snowboards Because Two is Better Than One

 - Jan 18, 2012
References: dualsnowboards.net & gizmag
It is said two heads are better than one; from this comes Dual snowboards' "two boards are better than one" mantra. This inventive new design allows for all the trick capabilities of a snowboard with the ease of use of skis. With Dual snowboards, the user has one section of a snowboard on each foot, allowing for maximum mobility while maintaining the integrity of an original snowboard.

Dual snowboards are not only innovative in their design, but they also are also fully compatible with previous traditional snowboard gear. This consumer-first approach is sure to win over the hearts of many winter enthusiasts, ranging from the snowboarding elite to casual riders, and even to the perspective onlooker.

Dual snowboards have developed the first must-have of the winter for outdoor products, as this design innovation opens the door for more flexible fun and winter wonder without breaking the bank. Thank you Dual Snowboards.