'Drift' Offers Low-Cost, Green Energy to the Average Consumer

 - Nov 17, 2017
References: joindrift & techcrunch
Direct-to-consumer brands typically sell physical products — think mattresses or sunglasses — but the model can be effective for almost any industry, and the DTC energy system from 'Drift', a New York startup, shows how beneficial it is for both consumers and the environment. The modern utility company applies the tenets of Silicon Valley to the entrenched, legacy field of energy, lightening consumers' wallets in the process.

Traditional utilities companies operate on broad estimates based on historical data and current weather forecasts; they make sweeping predictions to cover the energy needs of massive swaths of the grid and produce energy based on those estimates. Drift is licensed as a utility company for the state of New York, but it doesn't actually produce any energy itself — rather, it purchases energy from all producers throughout the state. This allows it to sell energy straight to consumers, letting them choose the type of energy they want and exactly the amount they need.