Sony's 'DSLR clueless' Ads Pokes Fun at Inept Tech Users

 - Nov 21, 2012
References: laughingsquid & adverblog
To promote its line of NEX cameras, Sony Australia released a series of ads dedicated to all those who have all the gear but none of the expertise or the know hows to use them properly.

As their slogan goes, "These are the DSLR clueless – all the gear and no idea. Remind you of someone?" By mocking those who are oblivious to the workings of modern cameras, it works to grab people's attention through humor while simultaneously ensuring not to be too offensive. There are eight videos in the series so far, which pin point common traits of inept camera users such as the flasher, the F-stop fusspot and the lens spotter.

Even if just to provide some laughs, the DSLR clueless ads are as hilarious as they are captivating and effective.