These Wool Dryer Balls are Made From All-Natural Fibers

 - Jan 29, 2016
References: rodales
These wool dryer balls by sustainable laundry brand Woolzies make a traditional household chore more environmentally friendly. Made from natural fibers, these dryers balls claim to save users time while contributing to a more energy-efficient household.

While traditional dryer cloths can feature artificial scents and chemical additives, this all-natural product is an organic alternative that is ideal for those with sensitive skin. Furthermore, Woolzies' dryer ball range also substitutes fabric softeners while saving users money in the process.

Lastly, these laundry supplies are proven to cut down drying times by up to 25 percent, meaning that homeowners who invest in them will ultimately cut down their energy usage over time. Sold by natural lifestyle shop Rodale's, these laundry products are an affordable way to lessen environmental impact.