These Driving Ads Use Illusions to Explain the Dangers of Texting & Driving

 - Oct 26, 2015
References: publicis & adeevee
TriHonda's effective distracted driving ads were executed on a low budget but deliver a clever and clear message. The ad agency 'Publicis' helped the car company come up with these simple print ads to encourage looking at the road and not your device while driving.

Each ad has no images but simply large bolded text with letters that have interchanging tones. For instance, one of the safe driving ads has the letters "TBEOXYT" plastered across its front. At a first glance, the text is near impossible to decipher, however, since every other letter is blue or gray, a viewer's eyes can shift focus to see the words "TEXT" AND "BOY."

Underneath these phrases the ads read, "You can't see both at the same time," cleverly referring to the ad's cryptic words while simultaneously stating that drivers can only pay attention to either a pedestrian or a cell phone.