The DriveSafe App Guides You to Safety When You’re Tired

 - Jan 18, 2014
References: contemporist
The DriveSafe app is the newest Google Glass extension designed for long distance drivers to help keep them safe and awake while on the road. The new app called DriveSafe is used to detect the Google Glass user’s drowsiness levels that lead the driver to be in danger of falling asleep while driving.

The software is fitted with an infrared light sensor and a tilt and angle sensor found in the Glass. The infrared sensor is able to detect a driver’s blinks and winks, while the title and angle sensor is used to measure the angle in which the driver’s head is positioned. Upon detecting the driver’s drowsiness levels, the software will first alert the driver that he runs the risk of falling asleep and notifies the driver with "OK Glass, Keep me awake," guiding the driver to the nearest rest area.