The 'Yecup 365' Drink Mug Keeps Drinks Warm or Cold

 - Apr 4, 2016
References: indiegogo & thegadgetflow
Insulated drink mugs are designed with a one-size-fits-all aesthetic for hot and cold beverages to simply offer insulation, but the 'Yecup 365' takes things a step further.

Connecting to the accompanying smartphone app, the 'Yecup 365' is designed to keep drinks hot or cold to your exact specifications. The app enables users to customize the exact temperature they want their drink to be warmed or cooled to, or kept at. When the drink has come to that specific temperature, the 'Yecup 365' will notify you that it's time to drink.

Aside from keeping drinks at the optimal temperature, the 'Yecup 365' drink mug also features the ability to charge smartphones.

The 'Yecup 365' is currently being funded on Indiegogo where the product has already received triple it's funding goal.