Drink App

 - Nov 12, 2012
With a new mobile drink app called Coaster, you can now order drinks from select cocktail bars straight from your phone. No more waiting in line at the bar, fumbling with cash or leaving your credit card with the server, with Coaster you’re drinks are made to order and all you have to do is pick them up and throw them back.

The concept is easy; you download the food app for free on your smartphone and are prompted with a variety of cocktail bars that are close to your location. After choosing your destination, you view the menu within the app and make your selection (you can even add custom ingredients to your drinks). The drink order is sent to the staff and you receive an alert the minute your drinks are ready and you can pick them up at the bar. The drinks are paid for via a credit card linked to your account within the app and a three letter code is provided to prove to staff the drinks are for you.