Dracula Simia Bears an Uncanny Respemblence to Curious George

 - Jul 13, 2012
References: huffingtonpost & inspirefusion
Curious George would have loved the monkey face orchid, that is of course if he could find them. These adorable and fascinating flowers are located in south-east Ecuador and Peru up in the cloud forests.

These mesmerizing flowers, nicknamed the monkey orchid are known in the scientific world as Dracula Simia. The flowers bear an uncanny resemblance to a monkey; with their faces in the center of the flower and the leafs as the hair that surrounds their cute little faces.

Eeerkia Schulz is responsible for capturing such a remarkable picture. Schulz loves flora and is just new to the photography world, but despite does a fabulous job at capturing such a rare beauty.

These flowers only grow high in the sky, about 2,000 meters up. This photo gives us a rare and beautiful glimpse at these outstanding orchids.