Dr. Tongue by Chun Min Shu Helps Ease Articulation Disorders

 - Jul 30, 2013
References: yankodesign
Articulation disorders, pronunciation blunders and other similar word mishaps seem like something that children simply have to grow out of unless, of course, they are an extreme case; extreme or not, Dr. Tongue proves that tools can certainly help people get past this awkward stage quicker. Dr. Tongue can be likened to a multi-head screwdriver. But instead of the metal heads, it comes with strange and colorful tongue depressors.

Designed by Chun Min Shu, Dr. Tongue induct the main four groups of sounds that children are most likely to make mistakes with, as reported by Yanko Design. By placing Dr. Tongue in the mouth of the user, it corrects the position of the tongue. In this way, it helps them with pronunciation.