This Jose Herrera Doze Magazine Series is Twilight-Tinted and Offbeat

 - Jun 20, 2012
References: facebook & fashionserved
Madrid-based fashion photographer Jose Herrera’s recent work for Doze Magazine incorporates an ethereal purple glow with eccentric outfits, accessories and hair styles for a striking effect.

Some fashion seeks to be elegant and reserved. The Old Hollywood styles are the epitome of this. Other designs deliberately aim to be offbeat and sassy. Sometimes though, it’s possible to combine these two approaches; this is what Herrera has done in the series.

From beak-like accessories to feathered-headpieces, there is an unmistakable avian theme to these looks. In some instances, the clothing is reminiscent of 1920s flapper fashion while in others it seems like something out of a blockbuster Hollywood sci-fi flick. In either case, the looks will be sure to turn heads.