The Double Warm Coal Stove Targets the Poor

 - Dec 10, 2013
References: yankodesign
The Double Warm Coal Stove is made with the poor in mind. Multifunctional and eco-friendly, it is an efficient cooker that boils water at the same time it is being used for cooking. This is achieved through the implementation of a water-store layer. This water can be used for a number of things including baths and more.

Designed by Huang Yichen, Xu Wei, Ye Yiwen, Lu Nannan, Ye Peng, Pang Shenli, Lin Danyan and Qiu Yiwu, the Double Warm Coal Stove saves time and money, something the poor could use in abundance. More than that, it "conveys the philosophy of 'making the best use of everything'," as stated by the designers. The form of the stove is inspired by an Asian myth.