The Dook House Table by Noel Zahra has a Page-Saving Perch

 - Apr 4, 2011
One does not ask a great deal of a bedside table; perhaps a surface on which to place an alarm clock, a lamp and a drink, and maybe some storage space, but the Dook House Table by Noel Zahra offers a great deal more.

Why the unusual name? Well, this folded sheet metal form is the result of deviating design. The minimalist project initially sought to create a doghouse, but alas, the turn it has taken! The conceptual phase no doubt involved a study of the typical pitched roof outline one finds among canine refuges, though by continuing the line of the structure, a flat surface emerged, as well as two nooks for the stashing of books.

The name of the Dook House Table by Noel Zahra is no doubt a synthesis of "dog" and "book." A small alcove exists as a perfect place of rest for a pup, while the roof cleverly offers a space to place an open book to save your page.