'Don't Hide It. Period.' Starts Conversations on Feminine Care

India's 'Don't Hide It. Period.' is on a mission to generate a conversation around menstruation and "turn the boring sanitary pad packaging into one that is inspiring." As such, its period care products are packaged with an unmissable color scheme and messaging that's equally as bold. Some of the conversation-starting phrases that can be found on the sanitary pad packages includes "I Create Life. Period" and "Basic Biology. Period."

To clearly distinguish itself from other menstrual product producers, Don't Hide It. Period. uses a red color scheme to present all of its products. The color red is rarely used in feminine care product packaging and branding—with the majority of commercials featuring only a mysterious blue liquid to represent a substance that is present in every human body.

The youthful brand is largely supported by consumers in the 18 to 24 age bracket, with many sharing pictures of the pads on social media using the #donthideitperiod hashtag.

As well as empowering young women, the brand supports women in rural areas by providing access to low-cost, biodegradable sanitary napkins through The Better India with each pack of pads that is purchased.