The DoNotPay Website Uses AI To Ensure Travelers Get the Best Deal

 - Mar 16, 2018
References: donotpay & digitaltrends
The latest service offered by the DoNotPay website -- perhaps best known for getting people out of parking tickets -- utilize an amazing new AI to be the first-ever service to reduce the price of plane tickets after the ticket has been bought. The service will be compatible with all U.S. airlines and travel booking services and will force companies to pay their customers back whenever the price of their ticket drops. The DoNotPay website is able to accomplish this by observing the legal small print that requires airlines give customers the option to amend bookings.

The AI used by DoNotPay is an incredibly innovative piece of tech that finds the travel confirmations in the users email and then checks for cheaper prices for the same type of ticket 17,000 times per day before the flight departure. When the AI finds a price drop -- which can happen as often as every six seconds -- the AI will scan the terms of the original ticket and will then rebook to the cheaper price and make the airline refund the difference. The DoNotPay website is completely free and has already been used by a huge number of people.