Donk Hangers Packaging Indicates the Product Name in its Specialized Way

 - Oct 1, 2013
References: baddydesign & packagingoftheworld
The easiest way to label a box with the nature of its contents is to simply print letters across its surface. Donk Hangers packaging demonstrates a much cleverer way of doing this by playfully incorporating the purpose of the items tucked inside.

The team at Baddy Design developed a series of cartons to hold racks of various shapes and sizes that are intended for outdoor use. The objects might hold planters, lanterns, bird feeders and more, but they've been visually adapted in print form to hold strings of letters.

A photo of each hook is pictured on the front of a white box, and from the crook of this, a couple of lines seem to suspend. From the tips of these read "Wall Hanger" to describe and demonstrate the functional contents of Donk Hangers packaging.