The Minimalist Work by Donald Judd is Impressively Stacked

 - Aug 3, 2013
References: mnuchingallery & complexmag
The artwork done by Donald Judd is an interesting take on what installation art can be. Instead of relying on fancy displays and interpretations, Judd uses his artistic ability to showcase stacked art.

Since he is a minimalist artistist, Judd's stacks are put one on top of each other vertically, mounted on a wall. The way they are presented is an important comparison between his art and miniature buildings. These boxes are made out of colored plexiglass and iron for support. Depending on the viewers position and the lighting in the gallery will change what a person sees when looking at his work. This makes the experience of viewing his pieces personal. Donald Judd has done an incredible job of making stunning, minimalist work, that truly creates a personal experience for everyone who views it.