This Dogs vs. Sprinkler Series Will Leave You Short of Breath

 - Jun 11, 2011
References: buzzfeed
This Dogs vs. Sprinkler collection of photographs documents a series of dogs' epic battles with their warm-weather nemesis, the sprinkler. The Dogs vs. Collection depicts a variety of love/hate relationships, some certainly more infused with frustration and determination than others.

These photographs accurately capture the pain, joy, rage and courage of these pups. While some of the dogs in the images appear to be simply looking for a way to cool down on a hot summer day, others appear vengeful and furious. With snarling teeth, unbelievable heights and lots of paws up in the air, the Dogs vs. Sprinkler collection of photographs will put a smile on any dog lover or dog hater's face. Dog owners will especially relate to these hilarious photographs.