The Buzzfeed 'Dogs of Occupy Wall Street' Snaps are Animal Outcries

 - Oct 23, 2011
References: buzzfeed & articles.baltimoresun
If you haven't seen enough heartfelt signage in the rowdy crowds of the Occupy Wall Street movement, Buzzfeed's collection of the 'Dogs of Occupy Wall Street' are the most adorable in activist animals.

The site dug up plenty of pics to portray the dogs view of the governmental gathering that's been going down in NYC to show the peaceful approach the pooches are taking. A wheelchair-bound pup claims to represent the 99% (of dogs) and a Chihuahua totes a sign reading "Viva La Ocupacion" in it's native language. A human protestor even politely claims that his "dog is more human than the animals on Wall Street."

If the canine poster pleas don't get you, the puppy eyes will surely hit home. It's official, even our political protests have gone to the dogs.