The Canine Wellness Kitchen Serves Treats and Refreshing 'Pooch Pints'

 - May 15, 2017
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The 'Canine Wellness Kitchen' was recently launched as Australia's first dog food truck, complete with fridges, freezers, a sink and a chilled serving area that makes it possible for Katie Crandon and Laura Yeomans to serve a wide variety of healthy, raw dog treats. Items on the menu include jerky Roo Chews, the Achilles Heal beef knot tendons and The Old Timer lamb lungs, as well as 'Pooch Pints' such as Bailey's Broth and Freddie's Froth. The Canine Wellness Kitchen is set up to accommodate dogs that want to eat at the bar.

Founders and canine chefs Katie Crandon and Laura Yeomans were passionate about launching the Canine Wellness Kitchen, saying: "We always felt that dogs got the short end of the stick when it came to human experiences such as markets, restaurants, cafes and food trucks. Often tied to a pole waiting for their loved ones to return or stuck under a table getting scraps of left over burgers or the odd hot chip." Inspired by the popularity of food trucks for humans, the roving Canine Wellness Kitchen puts a newfound emphasis on healthy, convenient and quality food for pets.