The New Dodge Charger Commercial Collaborates with Fast Five

 - Apr 5, 2011
References: dodge & zercustoms
Dodge and the new upcoming blockbuster film Fast Five have collaborated for a thrilling car chase commercial. The Dodge Charger commercial features the new 2011 Charger and clips from Fast Five, with a slew of powerful Charger muscle cars.

The commercial begins with a car chase that features the mother of a young Victorian-dressed woman driving away from her daughter's boyfriend. The daughter pleads to her mom that he's the one she wants, but the mother does not approve of this sanction. The commercial acts out as a modern-day Romeo & Juliet, and as the man tries to jump onto the Dodge Charger, it proves much too fast for him as he falls off and rolls into an exploding shed.

The Dodge Charger commercial states that car chases make movies better, showing that even a boring love story can be turned into an adrenaline rush with a speedy chase scene.