Full Page 24Bit Colour Handheld Scanner

 - Sep 10, 2006
References: planon & virtual-laser-keyboard
Planon have developed a Lightweight Portable Series of Handheld Scanners, with
the RC800 Professional topping the list as the most advanced in convenient features yet!

Docupen is battery operated and therefore fully Portable. The batteries automatically re-charge themselves when you stick the pen into the USB port on your computer and while you are downloading scanned information.

The RC800 can Store 100's of Pages Into Memory and has an Expandable Memory Slot.

Docupen Scans a Full Page Width Including Text & Graphics in as little as 4 seconds.

You can choose the mode in which you want to scan, from black & white to standard and high 24bit full colour, 100 to 400 dpi resolution.

Paperport from Nuance is incorporated into Docupens' functionality and provides a seamless integration with Microsoft Word, Outlook, Notepad, Wordpad and a variety of graphics programs. Your scanned documents will be converted into editable text With the automatic OCR (Optical Character Recognition) capability.

The Dual Roller Guiding System enhances your scanning experience by creating a smooth and accurate scan. There are strategically placed rollers around the scanners' lens on your pen that distributes pressure evenly.

Optical Scanner Registration Technology is able to help the Docupen create a highly accurate scan.

The Benefits of this useful and stylish instrument are obvious: You can scan and save documents, photo's, receipts, contracts, id photo's and literature anytime, anywhere! Increase the storage space when you need it.

Buy a three colour choice, high quality leather pouch for your Docupen with a swivel clip that locks on to your belt or pocket.

The RC800 professional retails at $299.99.

In the future all our ever shrinking office equipment will fit into the top drawer of the desk and we will have to find creative ways to fill the empty space that has been left behind.