29 Awesome Pens Of The Future

 - Jul 25, 2008
While most people do the majority of their writing on computers these days, there is still a huge market for pens, especially innovative ones.

These creative innovations go way beyond the colourful BIC pens or sparkly gel writers. There's a whole new genre of digital pens, for example, that look like they will play significant roles in our future. They allow people to "write" on any surface, eliminating the need to destroy trees, as the pen records the motions digitally, storing them for future uploads on computers.

In addition, there are pens with nifty functionality, such as those that are able to detect Wi-Fi hot spots.

Below are the most innovative pen-related -- from futuristic digital pens to luxury pens, tutor pens and even pen spinning competitions -- features on Trendhunter.com.