The Techie Way To Save Trees

 - Aug 13, 2007
References: epos-ps
EPOS has invented the ultimate gadget for writers. Whether you're a journalist by trade, a student who takes a lot of notes, a business man who needs to record office meetings, or you simply love writing, then this is a hot ticket item for you! The digital pen lets you write on any surface and your hand movements are then recorded. Later you just stuff the USB portion into your PC's port and voila, your notes are instantly uploaded on your computer. Not only can you store about 1000 pages of your scribbles, but the little tool has the smarts to decipher what you wrote (unless you're a doctor -- no one can decode that chicken scratch) and convert it into text on your computer.

See it explained at a Las Vegas expo:

An older model featured on Trend Hunter could only store 40 pages of writing: