Blogger Shay Cherise Created DIY Yeezy Boots for Just $5

 - Nov 7, 2016
References: instagram & buzzfeed
DIY Yeezys started becoming popular after one Instagram user uploaded her $5 do-it-yourself version of Kylie Jenner's knit Yeezy boots. Shay Cherise was able to remake $895 Yeezy boots by simply cutting a hole in knit socks in the shape of the heel, sliding them on her foot over top of the heels and gluing a piece of sandpaper on the bottom of the sock for a non-slip sole.

Cherise created the DIY Yeezys because she appreciates celebrity fashion styles, but is not willing to pay the costs that come with them. Since posting her version of the boots, the DIY Yeezys have gone viral and Cherise's dedicated followers have been recreating the look and sending her their praise.

This just goes to show that anything Kanye can do, some brilliant beauty blogger can recreate for less.