This DIY Transparent Pouch Helps Keep Things In Sight and Organized

 - Nov 15, 2013
References: teenvogue
Keep all your goodies organized and visible with this see-through DIY pouch. I know for myself there have been far too many times I've misplaced a certain little something, only to really need it later, driving me into a desperate object search. It is definitely not a good look. A better look, however, is the transparent-front pouch made by your own hands to hold your own things right where you can see them.

With Christmas coming up and some people loving the idea of sentimental gifts crafted by the gift giver, how can one possibly turn down this simple DIY? The great thing about this DIY pouch is that it doesn't require a lot of time or material. Just a basic ruler, scissors, glue, a small zippered pouch of your liking, permanent marker, a yard of vinyl fabric and your creative mind. Make this pouch something basic and useful, or snazz it up to give it away as a creative chic forget-me-not tool.