VW's Distracted Driving Ad Campaign Shows You Can't Look Two Places at Once

 - Jul 21, 2014
References: volkswagen & adeevee
In its 'Don't Smartphone and Drive' distracted driving ad campaign, Volkswagen clearly demonstrates that it's impossible for your eyes and attention to be in two places at once. The large print ads are set up two images that are spread widely apart, separated by a piece of text that poses the challenge: "Try looking at both at the same time." The images are so purposefully small, it's not even like you can stand back and see them from a distance.

On each of the ads, one of the images is of a friendly text message, while the other is an emoji of someone that's in danger of being struck by a car, like a child on a scooter, a woman pushing a baby stroller or a lady on a bike. There's not much text on the ads, but it would still be enough to cause an accident.