These Disney Princesses are Re-Imagined as College Students

 - Jan 6, 2014
References: collegehumor & collegehumor
Everyone remembers the classics, especially Disney. This princess series happens to be one of the most popular with characters like Belle and Cinderella forever carving themselves into our memories.

College Humor made a small series of photos that takes the Disney princesses and makes them into Disney College Students based on their personality. We see Aurora sleeping in until three, Tiana taking the walk of shame after a bad kiss and even Cinderella cleaning up after some beer pong.

The pictures aren’t just funny but pretty accurate and they make the point that you pretty much can’t get rid of Disney princesses because their work will forever be relevant even as Disney College Students.

Everyone loves Disney and the generation that grew up with it are now older. Being able to re-appropriate the movies into something relevant to their generation could be a strategy for many businesses.